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I was born on October 7th 1972 in Tolmezzo, the main town of Carnia, which is a wonderful mountainous area in the north-east of Italy. Only few km far away from Tolmezzo there is my origin village, Paluzza, where I spent my childhood and my teen-age with my family and my friends, surrounded by a superb and uncontaminated nature. Since I was a child I have suffered from a serious allergic asthma, and also for this reason I started practising sport and walking on my wonderful mountains. When I was very small my father Gaetano took me to walk in the woods of my valley where I could breathe pure air and where I have learnt to respect nature.
In summer we walked a lot over the mountains with my brother Andrea and my sister Manuela, both older than me, while in winter I started practising cross-country skiing on the fields behind my house, playing competing. When I was older I started a continuous training with the sporting club of my village: l'Unione Sportiva Aldo Moro, where my father was the trainer. It was very beautiful to spend the afternoons skiing with my friends among the pines of the track "Laghetti" (small lakes"), my home track. We enjoyed ourselves very much and we often made my father get angry for our jokes. It was also very beautiful to get home to mother Marialuisa's affect, who prepared a healthy break near the fire.
I still remember when I used to mock at Andrea and Manuela, who were already engaged in important competions, telling them that I would never be so stupid to work so hard. Later I understood that with sacrifice and steadfastness I could do something special in my sport. In 1988 I entered the national team as Junior. When I was 16, in 1989, in summer between the sport meetings I worked as a woodman and I learnt all the techniques to cut trees and clean the woods. Even nowadays I still put into practice what I learnt when I have to clean my woods, cut the wood for my house. But above all I have learnt how hard that job is. So at that time I was a woodman in the day and a athlete at night: it was really tough.
The year 1989 was really important for me, because at the age of 17 I entered the Carabinieri Corp at the sporting centre in Selva of Val Gardena. In that situation I felt surer and calmer to carry out my prepartatory activity at my best. I am very proud of competing in this Corp which is near the people in the everyday life. In the following years I kept experiencing and working hard and I was chosen first in the junior team and later in the major team (1995/6)
I have always thought of creating a family of my own and when I met Rita I felt she was the girl for me. We got married in 1996 and now we have 3 daughters: Laura, Martina and Gaia. Nowadays my life is split between sport and family, sport meetings and competions around the world with my team fellows and training in my beautiful mountains. I relax when I do my hobbies, because even if I am tired I can cut with the sport activity for a while. All these elements together are very important for me, because I am always pushed to reach more and more important goals and create something special in my sport and in my life.